Turn your current marketing copy into flawless content

Do you want to improve the content you already have?

Every piece of content that you publish is a representation of your brand. Every blog post, every email, every piece of website content, and every social media post tell your customers something about who you are and what you stand for. Every time you hit “send” or “publish”, therefore, you need to be sure that what you’re about to publish is an accurate representation of your brand.

Some questions to ask before putting out a new piece of content include the following:

  • Is the content free of spelling and grammar errors?
  • Does the content comply with the style guide we’re using?
  • Is the content consistent with the brand image we want to convey?
  • Does the content use the kind of language that our audience would use?
  • Is the content structured in a logical way that is easy to read?
  • Does the content contain a relevant call to action? (Does it clearly tell the readers what to do next?)
  • Would I read the content myself, if someone else sent it to me?
This might sound like an overwhelming list of things to consider before publishing a single piece of content. And that’s why we’re here to help. If you prefer to create your own content, or if you already have a lot of content that you’ve written yourself, we can help you polish it so that you get the best possible return on your efforts.

The benefits of well-written, flawless marketing copy include:

  • Better communication with existing and prospective customers
  • More professional and trustworthy brand image
  • Better search engine rankings
  • Higher chance of your content being read

Ready to publish better content?

How does editing help with SEO?

One of the major ranking factors that the search engines use to determine which content gets ranked higher on the results pages is quality. And one indicator of quality content is that it contains correct spelling and grammar. Search engines also consider factors such as keyword and synonym usage, content structure, link placement, and relevance to search query. These are all factors that can be addressed during the editing process.
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